Why are security windows so important?

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Where we stand today on burglary…

The number of burglaries and break-ins in the United Kingdom has seen a steady increase over the last decade. The majority of these incidents occurred during the daytime, when occupants are at work. This is why taking precautionary steps to protect your family and property are so important.

Many homeowners believe that a modern digital security system might be a sufficient deterrent against burglars, however, surveillance systems do not physically deter criminals who are determined to cause damage. At best they can record the crime and (with top of the line systems), alert the authorities.

In recent years, our DIY culture has severely disrupted the domestic security industry. A large number of property owners have attempted to burglar-proof their properties themselves. Sadly, this has proven to be an expensive mistake for some. Let's look at some more effective ways of securing your property:

  1. Security Systems

    Security systems are not completely futile against home invasion and burglary. They do offer a wide range of features that help secure premises. Installing security cameras can eliminate blind spots around your property, and using two cameras significantly increases visibility. Strategically placed security cameras give a panoramic view of your property and in the unfortunate event of a break-in, the wider the area of video capture, the greater the chance of capturing evidence.

  2. Locking systems

    Many of us depend upon conventional locking systems that we think are unbreakable. A simple search on YouTube will reveal the various methodologies employed to break the most well-crafted locks on the market. Modern locking systems have evolved along with technological advances. Today, products are available that permit access to a property remotely. Prestige homes use locking systems with biometric scanners that memorise the fingerprints of those to whom access has been pre-granted.

  3. Security Windows

    Security Windows (or burglar proof windows) are probably one of the best conventional methods for keeping burglars away. It is a widely known statistic that in the majority of home break-ins, entry has been gained by breaking the glass window of a door. Conventional doors and windows do very little to deter intruders and burglars from entering your property. Traditional windows are easily broken with the help of a rock, or even a kick. In many cases, intruders use tools to break open windows with ease.

    Burglar Proof Windows are manufactured using layers of reinforced glass, along with an anti-theft film that increases both durability and structural strength. Burglar Proof Windows can withstand a fair amount of punishment.

Responsible property owners need to take pragmatic steps in establishing a secure home that will prevent the majority of break-in attempts. You can find the best security windows in Manchester at Secure & Safe Homes. As one of the UK's most reputable names in security solutions, Secure & Safe Homes offer a wide range of high-quality burglar-proof windows in Manchester.

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