What is a Panic Room and Why do you need this?

Panic Rooms in Manchester

If an intruder gains unwelcome entry into your house, a panic room can be a safe space for you and your family to seek shelter. The terms "panic room" and “safe rooms” are somewhat interchangeable, both essentially offering shelter in the event of extreme weather or a home invasion. They can be found in a number of buildings, including; banks, homes, and offices. Wherever they are installed, the primary purpose of a panic room is to protect, whether that be its human occupants, or valuable possessions held within.

A panic room offers a temporary place of safety for you and your family. When we say “temporary”, we mean until help can arrive from the authorities. Many panic rooms in Manchester are fitted with basic provisions, so hours, or even days can be spent inside one safely. However, almost any location in the United Kingdom should be able to be accessed by the police in less than an hour, wherever you are located.

Do your homework first

A property risk evaluation should be carried out prior to the installation of a new panic room. This evaluation should be performed by a fully certified professional who can identify the areas of greatest risk, and the course of action most likely taken by any would-be intruders. Further considerations include the home's location and surroundings, as well as the time it takes for authorities to respond to the scene.

If everything goes well with your property risk evaluation, you will be able to formulate a robust plan of action, and to counter criminal efforts without exposing any weak links in your defence.

The installation of a basic panic room is suitable for property owners that face a low-to-moderate security risk. However, those who face a high level of risk may require the construction of a more sophisticated safe room, one that’s potentially equipped with surveillance and communication systems, as well as medical and food supplies.

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