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Do security concerns cause you anxiety? - A recent study concluded that in 23% of cases of home burglary, the intruder entered through a window. And, if you’re under the impression that thieves only come out at night using the cover of darkness to conduct their criminal activities, then you should be aware that in reality, most burglaries take place between 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM, because that’s when a house is most likely to be unoccupied, and the chances of a criminal being discovered are much lower.

Windows do more than let natural light and fresh air into your home, they could also be points of forced entry for intruders. If you want to make sure your home in Lancashire is secure even when you're not in, consider fitting burglar-proof windows to stay ahead of the criminals. Depending on the design of the windows, they can serve as an added security detail while contributing to the overall style of your home's architecture.

If you think that now is the time to upgrade your home with high security windows, here are some reasons why we believe you should contact our expert team at Secure & Safe Homes :

  • Secure & Safe Homes deliver window solutions that significantly upgrade your home security measures, increase thermal efficiency, and soundproofing measures.
  • Our windows are not only shatter-proof, they are also hand and power tool resistant, so much so that even a sledge hammer can’t penetrate them.
  • By installing high security windows, you’ll be firmly hardening-up your defences and making your home a much less appealing target, thereby reducing the likelihood of home being visited by a burglar.

If you’ve recently been considering upgrading your current windows with high security ones, it is very important to know what you should be looking out for. It is very common to talk to family and friends who have had windows fitted / replaced and listen to their experiences, although high security windows are still relatively new on the market. While looking at online solutions, remember that fitting and serving quality is key to successful installation and a long lifespan, so make sure that the company you chose offers very high quality service, help and advice. The team at Secure & Safe Homes have put together a list of key considerations for you to help you make a well-informed choice:


Appearance is often a top priority for those wishing to fit new windows.

  • Choosing the right colour to match your exterior and adding complementary options such as glass paneling, will significantly impact how your new windows look and how they complement the existing design of your home. Remember that first impressions count.
  • Are you worried about privacy? We have high security windows solutions that decrease visibility, along with enhanced protection options such as bullet-proof glass. All options can be tailored to your exact specifications.
  • All of our window designs can be fully customised, with choices of dimensions, frame styles, finishings, and level of security measures.
  • If you’re looking to make a design statement with your windows then we can offer decorative detailing choices for you to customise their appearance. Handles and pegs can be added to match the interior of your home and complement the frames.

The architecture of your Manchester home is a vital factor when it comes to choosing the right window design. Some homes can look great with any design, whilst others look better with a certain style of security windows . Burglar proof windows bring style and functionality to your home in Lancashire. Take a look at the gallery to preview different designs, colours and optional extras, and see what inspires you.


Then lifespan of your windows, the level of weather-proofing they offer, and the maintenance they require, will be dictated by the material choices made. With our range of burglar-proof windows, we are supremely confident in the build quality, strength of locks, and long lifespan offered. Our specialist service team is always available for help and advice regarding all aspects of high security windows and fitting.

Thermally Efficient and Soundproof

Are your windows looking worse for wear? Do your curtains move when your windows are closed? These are definite signs to look out for if you are considering replacing your windows. With the high cost of energy it is important to ensure adequate insulation wherever possible. Our high security windows insulation ensures a totally secure, thermally efficient and soundproofed interior so that you and your family will feel Secure & Safe in your Manchester home.

According to a recent study, the number one factor sellers should consider when selecting new windows is energy efficiency. In that case, if you hope to sell your home sometime in the future, efficient windows will help you achieve a return on your investment.


This goes hand-in-hand with our distinguished reputation, if you would like to arrange a consultation with our team then you can discover steps we’ll take to ensure that your high security windows are expertly built and professionally fitted, providing you with many years’ worth of service.

With many years of experience in the security and protection industry, we are aware of the financial investment that homeowners spend on alarm systems, CCTV systems and security apps. However, whilst these are good to complement existing measures, the installation of security windows is one significant measure you can male that both acts as a deterrent, and a tangible security upgrade to your Manchester home. If you are a homeowner in Lancashire, our burglar proof windows are available for you too, so you needn’t miss out on upgrading your home security.

From the expert installation of a front door, replacing all the windows in your Lancashire home, Secure & Safe are here for you. Working to your budget, premium products, experienced staff, and effective design are the keys to our success.


1. Can I get a price quote for my exact requirements?

A. We’ll give you comprehensive pricing options so that you know exactly what’s included in your quote. You’ll have many options to choose from, ensuring a tailor-made package for your budget.

2. What sets Secure & Safe windows apart from the competition?

A. Secure & Safe Homes brings you window solutions that are totally secure, thermally efficient and soundproofed. Our windows are not only shatter-proof, they are also hand and power tool resistant, so much so that even a sledge hammer can’t get through them. We offer extremely high levels of customer service and ongoing professional advice, guidance and support.

3. Can burglar proof windows be customised to my exact security preferences ?

A. Yes, you’ll have many options to choose, ensuring that the solution you choose will match your specific requirements. We can provide an initial assessment and make suggestions and recommendations, but ultimately all choices are yours to freely make.

4. How durable are your windows ? Will they require ongoing maintenance and repair, and can you provide this?

Our windows solutions are built to exceptional quality and are able to stand the test of time with minimal servicing and maintenance required. We take pride in giving our customers the best service, and should any issues arise, we’ll be there to help throughout every stage.


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