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Burglar Proof Security Doors to secure your Home

Have you ever been concerned that the level of security your front door offers isn't substantial enough? If so, then it’s time to consider fitting a high security door.

With a brand new Secure & Safe Homes burglar proof door, you won’t have to miss a wink of sleep, or be troubled with continual maintenance issues. Secure & Safe Homes provide high quality security doors that will ensure you, your loved ones, and your possessions are safely protected from intruders in Cheshire, Manchester & Liverpool.

We know that installing a high quality, burglar proof front door is an investment, but we believe it’s an extremely worthwhile one that will continue to provide value for years to come. You’ll likely only purchase a couple of front doors over your entire lifetime, so it’s worth choosing the right supplier and having it professionally fitted so that everything is right the first time.

If you are considering upgrading your front door, here’s why we believe you should choose Secure & Safe Homes :

  1. We offer steel front doors constructed to extremely high standards, providing enhanced levels of security.
  2. Secure & Safe Homes reputation: We have a great deal of experience in the security and protection industry. Our reputation and work ethic means that you are guaranteed to be working with professionals who offer high levels of service throughout. If you are considering steel security doors for your Manchester, Cheshire, or Liverpool home, you will be ensured professionalism and expert knowledge.
  3. Leading designs - We offer many designs for you to choose from to suit both your security needs and your preference of style. You can also choose from many design modifications that we can incorporate into your Manchester, Liverpool or Cheshire home.
  4. Secure & Safe Homes team of skilled professionals are available for both service and repair, should the need ever arise.
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Appearance is often a top priority for property owners when they come to choose a new front door. The right front door can significantly boost your home’s curb-side appeal, as it is a major exterior focal point - It may even earn you some admiring glances from neighbours and those passing-by!

Choosing a complimentary colour and adding glass panels to your door, can really give your home that ‘architect designed’ look. Not only do inbuilt glass panes allow natural light into your house, but they mirror the composition of your home, creating a fantastic first impression. At Secure & Safe Homes, we implement high-end materials such as burglar resistant, fire resistant and even bullet resistant glass into our premium range of high quality bespoke doors.

If you are worried about privacy then we have a range of quality steel front doors and burglar proof doors to choose from. The construction and appearance of your home will inform the decisions you make when it comes to choosing the right front door. Some homes look great with any design, while others suit a specific style, such as pairing a Victorian front door with a Victorian home. Take a look at our gallery to view samples of our range of steel security doors, in different styles, colours and options. You’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your Cheshire, Manchester, or Liverpool home.

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How long your door lasts, what resistance it offers to the elements, and how much maintenance your door will require will all be determined by its quality of construction and the material choices you make. Many door suppliers will attempt to sell you additional extras you don’t really need, but at Secure & Safe Homes we pride ourselves on the expert help and advice we give to all of our customers. When it comes to supplying burglar proof doors, we only stock products that are extremely durable and require virtually no maintenance.

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What We Do

There are many doors on the market and some are clearly better than others. We pay extreme attention to detail, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on any aspect of your new front door. We have the experience and competence required to professionally fit your door so that it will provide you with hassle free protection for many years to come. We’re available whenever you need us for servicing, advice and guidance.


With the increased focus on energy saving measures in 2021 and beyond, we make sure your front door insulation is up to the task.


Perhaps you’ve been unsure about upgrading your door, worried that it may be too expensive. Well, you may be surprised how affordable high security doors really can be. When considering your budget, remember that this purchase won’t be made again for years, if ever. Your front door is also the focal point of your house, so it’s important to get it right. Once you’ve got your budget in mind, it’s time to consider spring cycles.

With your budget established, it’s now time to look at spring cycles. Door springs are rated in cycles by the manufacturer, and there’s a plus or minus attributed to each one, indicating how long you can expect it to last. If you are at all in doubt, we’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance here.


When choosing who you want to install your new front door, you should bear in mind the level of service that they can provide. Are they available at short notice? and how long will delivery and installation take? - Secure & Safe Homes offers you professional support whenever you need it. We are freely available for first class advice and guidance at all stages, providing high quality installation and maintenance services. When it comes to all aspects relating to high security doors, we’ve got it covered.

At Secure & Safe Homes you can be sure of getting your new steel security door just the way you want it, as we can tailor-make many aspects of the door for you. Whether you are in Cheshire, Manchester, or Liverpool, we offer professional fitting and installation from our team of experienced experts. Secure & Safe Homes range of steel security doors utilise quality components throughout. Choosing a steel front door ensures that it can withstand substantial use with minimal upkeep, only requiring the occasional clean and paint touch-up. Below, we’ve listed the advantages to fitting steel security doors to your property:

  • A steel door provides excellent insulation, thereby lowering your energy bills
  • They are extremely robust, with virtually no maintenance
  • They are stronger than alternatives on the market, also offering greater durability.
  • High resistance to extreme weather - Heavy rain, winds, and changes in temperature are no problem for a steel door.

1. Can I get a no obligation estimate for a new security door installation job?

A. We can help demonstrate the various options that are available and supply you with quotes before commencing any work. Relevant specialist members of our team are always on-hand to give help and advice.

2. Do you offer service and maintenance?

A. Yes, Secure & Safe Homes offers you professional support whenever you need it in the Manchester and Cheshire areas. We are fully equipped and able to deal with any situation, should it arise.

3. Can burglar proof doors be customised to meet my security and style preferences ?

A. Yes, whilst we can make suggestions based on our analysis of your security needs, you are free to add options such as the type of lock you choose, and any finishings.

4. How durable are steel doors? Will I need to do frequent repairs?

Our range of strong steel home security doors are exceptionally well built and will serve for many years, protecting your household. We take pride in supplying customers with front door solutions that offer high levels of security and you’ll have no problems finding the right door for your home from our wide selection of steel doors. We believe in providing you with preventive maintenance tips that ensure your steel door system lasts as long as possible. Our range of burglar proof doors don’t require frequent maintenance, but should the need arise we do offer comprehensive service and installation services.


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