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If you are considering buying a new home, are in the process of building one, or are investing in a new business premises, is security high up on your agenda? - If so, have you thought about incorporating a safe room into your property?

It is now possible to create a secure space in an existing room or closet in your home. This shelter, (often referred to as a ‘safe room’ or ‘panic room’,) as its name suggests, is a room that keeps you protected and sheltered from an external invasion threat.

Panic rooms have become increasingly popular in new homes and considered practically a necessity among certain sections of affluent society, who require higher security measures.

If you want to incorporate a panic room into your house, contact us and you can be sure that we'll discreetly provide any advice, guidance and information that you require.


Before we look at panic rooms in greater depth, it is good idea to explore some key factors :

  • How is a panic room constructed, and how well protected is it? - A room with a strong steel door is an excellent start, but what about the ceiling, do you need to add windows, etc?
  • Will all family members be capable of operating a panic room door on their own?

We can help you to address these questions regarding panic rooms in homes, and any more that you have. One important factor to bear in mind is that all of our panic rooms can be built as per your requirements and preferences. They can be constructed of weather-resistant materials and potentially stocked with gas masks, or safe weapons storage to protect against biological attacks and home invasions. Whatever your requirements, we can work around your needs. From the early planning stages, to the construction and installation, our panic rooms conform to all relevant standards of safety and security.We know your priority is to keep those in your home safe and secure, for up to one whole month if needed.

You can plan for the basic provisions required and panic rooms can include a number of features, from a rechargeable battery power source, to a fully stocked wet bar. Further specifics are available on consultation, but be rest assured we can create your tailor made safe room, exactly as you need it to function. Also remember that a good quality safe room can add significant value to your home’s value.

Why should I have a safe room fitted?

Perhaps you don’t regard yourself as particularly affluent, and as such don’t require a safe room, or think one will be too expensive? If so it is worth considering the threats of today. Potentially threats can come in many forms, and in the event of one occurring, you’ll surely be glad you took safety measures into your own hands and fitted a safe room. Addressing the last point, panic rooms / safe rooms aren’t necessarily as expensive as you might image. Let’s examine closer :

  • You don’t necessarily have to spend money to build a separate, brand new panic room in your home. You could modify existing bathrooms, closets, or bedrooms which can be converted into safe rooms by changing hollow-core doors with solid ones, replacing wooden door frames with metal ones, and replacing drywall with several layers of one inch (or thicker) plywood that can’t be easily breached.
  • If you’re looking to build a safe room in your Manchester home, look for a windowless room or perhaps a walk-in closet that is easily and quickly accessible from a room often used in your house. If your family is most likely to be gathered in a dining or family room for example, then make sure your safe room is close to it.
  • The size of the room matters and will dictate how many people it can hold – from one person to an entire family.
  • Some homeowners choose to have a safe room on every floor of the house, particularly if they have a large estate.
  • If you have a relatively small house and all you can afford is a steel door with a steel frame and a grade 1 deadbolt lock, then this is a solution that can still make a very effective safe room.

It feels good to be prepared, and in the very unfortunate event of a home intrusion, a safe room could prove to be invaluable.

There are 3 main areas that Secure & Safe Homes specialise in ;

  1. Panic rooms - A panic room is designed to protect its inhabitants in an emergency situation. Protective security solutions are our priority. If you own a home in Manchester and want to have a panic room fitted, think Secure & Safe Homes.
  2. Safe rooms - Are commonly fitted to protect valuables, they can potentially double-up as a storm shelter should the need arise. We design and build safe rooms with impregnable, heavy steel front doors for homes in Manchester.
  3. Secure room - A straightforward secure space, this could be a lounge, a morning room, bedroom or any room of your choosing. We can add security measures to any room to make it more safe and secure.

1. What is the purpose of a safe room? Should I be making the investment in one?

A. Safe rooms and panic rooms are specifically designed according to your security needs. They are generally installed inside of an existing house to substantially increase safety measures. With a fitted panic room you can be assured of a ‘safe place’ where you and all members of your household can be sheltered from intruders, adverse weather conditions, or other unforeseen events.

2. How will I access my safe room? Will I be able to easily and safely exit from it?

A. Secure & Safe Homes will make sure that you are able to easily and safely enter and exit your room. We can make a safe room lounge from a morning room, a bedroom, or any room of your choosing.

3. Will the safe room doors be well hidden?

A. Yes, they can be well concealed. If you choose to fit a secure panic room, it can be made of concrete and steel, with an impenetrable door on the inside that you can close, concealed behind a hidden door. We will make all appropriate suggestions based on our analysis of your security needs, but you’ll be able to add any optional extras such as bulletproof components, and high strength locks. We can create safe rooms with solid steel or solid channel filled concrete rolls, with pins or bars to keep it firmly secured.

4. How durable are steel doors? Will I need to conduct frequent repairs and will replacing parts be taken care of by Secure & Safe Doors?

Our strong steel security doors are built to exceptional standards. They feature a very long lifespan, providing enhanced protection for many years to come. We take great pride in providing our customers with security doors that keep them fully protected. Ensuring that all of our panic rooms or secure rooms function extremely well in the event of an unwelcome incident. We are available for all aspects and work associated with panic rooms in Manchester.

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