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Have you ever experienced being overcharged for a garage door installation that hasn’t stood the test of time and has required frequent repair and maintenance?

Choosing the right door manufacturer, together with a high quality door solution can make all the difference. You can’t take chances with home security measures.


We know that searching for a garage door can potentially be a bit of a headache – It’s an investment for your home, and a highly visible one at that, and one that you’ll have to live with for years to come. In fact, most homeowners only buy a couple of garage doors in their lifetime, and so it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to have expert knowledge and experience. To provide some key advice and guidance we’ve put together a list of key features that can be found throughout Secure & Safe Homes’ range of secure garage doors :

  • Strong steel security garage doors.
  • High quality garage doors.
  • Highly appealing designs.
  • Bespoke modifications can be made as requested.
  • We offer installation, full service and repair services.


Appearance is up there at the top of essential criteria for homeowners looking to purchase a new garage door in Liverpool, Manchester and Yorkshire.

Your garage door extends over a large area and is highly visible, and we understand that curb-side appeal is very important. It is imperative to consider which style will work best for your home before you select a new garage door. Carefully choosing a colour to suit your home will help to give your garage the appearance that it's been specially designed to match your property by an architect. Optional extras such as windows can also make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your garage door, as not only do they let natural light into your garage, but a window can replicate the composition of your home, making it appear sympathetic.

If privacy is a prime concern then we have several steel garage door options to choose from. The overall architectural design of your home is a critical factor when choosing your new garage door design. Some homes can look great with any design, whilst others look better with a particular style of garage door. We offer contemporary garage door designs, available in a variety of materials, offering a sleek, minimal look that’s ideal for modern homes in the Liverpool, Manchester and Yorkshire areas. Take a look at our gallery to preview designs, colours and optional extras, and see what inspires you.


How long your door will last, what resistance it offers to the elements, and how much maintenance your door requires will all be determined by the construction and materials of your door.

Secure & Safe Homes range of steel garage doors use quality components throughout, and we offer professional fitting and installation from our team of experienced experts. Choosing steel construction ensures that our high quality garage doors are extremely durable and only require an occasional clean and paint touchup. Here are a few key benefits of choosing a steel garage door :

  • - A steel door provides excellent insulation, thereby lowering energy bills
  • - Steel is incredibly strong and is very low maintenance.
  • - Steel provides great resistance to extreme weather - high rain, winds and temperature fluctuations are no issue

Our Beliefs

We know you have a great deal of choice when it comes to who you choose to supply your next garage door in Liverpool, Manchester or Yorkshire. But not all garage door suppliers are created equally, and not all will pay as much attention to detail as we do. We have the extensive experience it requires to install bespoke solutions that last many years’ of trouble-free service. We also strongly believe in conducting regular, quality maintenance to ensure your garage door lasts as long as possible, and we are happy to provide comprehensive servicing as a preventive measure. With Secure & Safe Homes you get true professionals who will be there for you throughout the whole lifespan of your garage door.


With the high cost of energy it is important to ensure adequate insulation wherever possible. Our garage doors feature quality insulation that can help to reduce your bills and the impact on the environment.


Many customers are surprised at how affordable quality steel garage doors can be, but how much should you spend on your new garage door? A general rule of thumb is to spend in the region of 1% of the value of your home on your new garage door in the Manchester area. When considering how much to spend, remember that this is a purchase you won’t make again for many years, if ever, and the door that you choose will be the door you see everyday.

Once you’ve established your budget, it’s time to consider spring cycles. Door springs are rated in cycles by manufacturers, and there’s a plus or minus stated next to each, indicating how long you can expect them to last. If you are at all in doubt, we’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance here.


Among the details you should bear in mind when choosing a garage door provider will be the level of service they can offer. Are they available at short notice? how long will delivery and installation take? Secure & Safe Homes offers you professional support whenever you need it. We are available with first class advice and guidance at all stages, providing high quality installation and maintenance services. When it comes to all aspects relating to secure garage doors, we’ve got it covered.

Automatic Garage Doors are there to make life easier for you. They can be operated remotely without the hassle of having to open them manually many times per day. Secure & Safe are available right now for a home consultation if you like in the region of Manchester or Lancashire.

Side sliding garage doors and side hinged garage doors also feature in our range of premium secure garage doors. Our solutions deliver the real peace of mind that comes with a significant home security upgrade. We can tailor-make any solution to fit the specific requirements of your garage, ensuring you and your valuables remain safe and secure.


1. Can I get a no obligation estimate for a new garage door installation job?

A. We can help demonstrate the various options that are available and supply you with quotes before commencing any work. Relevant specialist members of our team are always on-hand to give help and advice.

2. Do you offer service and maintenance?

A. Yes, Secure & Safe Homes offers you professional support whenever you need it. We are fully equipped and able to deal with any situation for homes located in Manchester or Lancashire, should it arise.

3. Can a service specialist help me choose the correct set-up, or help inform me which parts need to be replaced?

A. Yes, a service specialist from our team is always available to help offer advice and guidance.

4. How durable are steel doors? Will they require frequent repairs and can replacement parts be supplied?

Strong steel home security garage doors offer exceptional build quality and are created to last, providing enhanced protection for your household. You will have no problems finding the right door for your home from our wide selection of steel doors. We take pride in supplying customers with door solutions that offer high levels of security. Our range of doors will not require frequent repairs or replacement, but should the need arise we offer a comprehensive service and installation.

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