Choosing attractive, feature-rich garage doors in Manchester

Garage Doors in Manchester

Your garage is a crucial element of your property. Don't believe us? Consider this - your garage door accounts for nearly 40% of the exterior surface of your house! This qualifies it as a significant contributor to the overall appearance of your home.

Indeed, the garage door you have installed can make or break the whole look and feel of the front of your property. Mismatching your door with the architectural style of your home can spell design disaster, making your home stand out like a sore thumb. So then, how to make the right choices when selecting a new garage door?

Because of the large variety of designs and styles to choose from on the market today, there are lots of things to consider. Considerations include material selection, optional features and budget. However, the time you spend doing a bit of research and establishing what you need from your new garage door will be well worth it. We know that a high quality, attractive garage can add value to your home, making for a good return on your investment.

So, if you're looking to buy a new garage door, or replace your existing one, here are a few things to consider:

CrossBuck Door

A crossbuck door is a more complex version of the diagonally braced door. It features diagonal braces running in both directions and has a typical construction style for a side-hinged door. It not only offers great structural support against drooping in both directions, but also has a very attractive repeating pattern that can be found on many modern garage doors today (particularly those made from wood).

Sliding Door

Garages that can fit two vehicles are large enough to accommodate sliding doors, and they feature a large sectional door for each bay. Because sliding doors are top-hung, their design often incorporates a frame supported by an edge-matched board.

Top lighted Door

Regardless of the garage door you chose, it's crucial that the style you go for compliments the overall aesthetic of your home.

Many garages incorporate amenities such as radiators and workbenches in order to better serve their occupants, and a high level of natural light in the garage is a very welcome thing for those that use their garage regularly. Glass panes are uncommon in side-hinged, swinging doors, but they are also popular as top lights in sliding doors, sometimes covering the whole width of the garage.

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