Are Bespoke Front Doors the Way to go in 2021

bespoke front doors in Manchester

If you are considering buying an off-the-shelf front door from a mass market manufacturer in Manchester, stop! - You may be making a mistake that could cost you more than you bargained for. Bespoke front doors in Manchester offer plenty of distinct benefits, and once you’ve heard what they are you may well change your mind & go bespoke!  

The style, dimensions, and quality of generic external doors purchased from a chain store combine to make a very different product than wheat’s offered by a bespoke door that’s been designed and made to order. Custom-made doors are the best option out there if you're looking for something that doesn’t conform. Here are the five main reasons as to why a custom-made exterior door beats an off-the-shelf one every time!:


Bespoke front doors that are constructed of high-quality materials to exacting standards. You have complete choice when it comes to the level of security you choose. You can select exactly which locks and enhanced protection measures you wish to add. This could be additional locks, deadbolts, safety hinges, and even an electronic security system.


It doesn't matter if the door you’re looking at in the store has been intricately milled and beautifully finished, if it isn’t the right size for your door frame, then it’s useless! Bespoke doors are made-to-order and meet your exact specifications. Everything from the locking mechanisms to the glass is designed and built in accordance to your brief and criteria. Adding additional touches to make your door look even more unique is easy with a bespoke door. With a bespoke front door you can be sure that you’re not compromising on quality, style or function.


It is important to make a good first impression with the entryway to your home, and a front door is key to this. A beautiful, welcoming front demonstrates your personality and taste. Every home is different, and with a bespoke front door in the entrance of your Manchester home, you can have a front door that perfectly matches your home whilst providing the highest levels of protection.


When compared with generic doors bought from a hardware store, you can expect a bespoke front door to perform considerably better in terms of how long it will last. This is due to the increased quality of the materials used in production, as well as a higher level of skill and care taken in the construction.

If appropriately maintained, you can expect your bespoke front door to last for many years.

Of course, a quality bespoke front door needs quality service to match, and that’s where Secure & Safe Homes in Manchester comes in. When it comes to finding a company with the experience and proficiency required to build and install the best front door, Secure & Safe Homes are the people to talk to.

Secure & Safe Homes is a highly experienced premium supplier of security solutions in Manchester. We design and build exquisite bespoke front doors in Manchester and beyond to exacting specifications.Our team of experts will help you select the right components for your custom door, providing full after-sales services with total integrity. For the best bespoke front doors in Manchester, contact Secure & Safe homes today.


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